Not only backup, but also reconstruction (#2)

Those are not preventing from a quick reconstruction of information which is spread in a drive and they work at the highest speed, at the same time saving and reconstructing a set of data. An accomplished copy has no such drawbacks but it needs a software which can radically reduce the amount of data and […]

Not only backup, but also reconstruction (#1)

While planning the subject of damage protection many companies are considering and testing only the process of copying the data into other drives or locations. Omitting the process a copy reconstruction is a serious mistake. The main task which should be accomplished by a backup system is copying the data from a production system into […]

Powerful storage system

Network attached storage is a powerful storage system which provides centralized data storage management. But to make the most of the possibilities of NAS solution it is crucial to choose the right NAS software. Nowadays, many operating systems support not only a single NAS functionality but also a more complex solutions. Therefore, to establish a […]

QNAP servers

QNAP System has presented two eight-disk NAS servers. TS-EC879U-RP is equipped with a quad-core processor Intel Xeon E3-1225(3,1 GHz) 4GB DDR3 ECC, an unnecessary AC, four Gigabit LAN ports and two ports to connect an extra NIC or mass storage. TS-879-RP has a dual-core Intel Core processor i3-2120 (3,3 GHz), 2GB DDR3 RAM, two Gigabit […]


Network Attached Storage appliances have an architecture designed for one purpose – to serve data files to clients in heterogeneous network environments. NAS system managed by NAS OS is optimized for file Input/Output activity, therefore file serving performance is greater than that of a general purpose server, which is designed to perform a multitude of […]

SAN Software

SAN Software is an important element of the whole storage area network. It consists of many solutions and applications which enable successful management of the system, Since SANs are becoming more complex and powerful, they are also more difficult to implement. An appropriate software SAN reduces these difficulties and makes implementation, configuration and management of […]

iSCSI target

Storage area network infrastructure allows users to create multiple iSCSI targets. iSCSI is the leading protocol used in SAN systems, which is faster and more efficient than other solutions, for example fibre channel, which is also used in SAN networks. iSCSI target features can be created on a network device by means of iSCSI software. […]