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Powerful storage system

Network attached storage is a powerful storage system which provides centralized data storage management. But to make the most of the possibilities of NAS solution it is crucial to choose the right NAS software.

Nowadays, many operating systems support not only a single NAS functionality but also a more complex solutions. Therefore, to establish a NAS system on standard operating system does not seem to be a problem. Additionally, every NAS server has an already installed and configured operating system for network storage.

NAS hardware is relatively cost-effective solution, so you can minimize the costs of adopting and upgrading your storage resources. NAS software simplifies the network administration services, reduces complexity of the system, automates many tedious tasks and satisfies the requirements of high performance and reliability of the system.

A growing number of enterprises already deploy NAS technology, if only with devices such as CD-ROM towers that are connected directly to the network. NAS software enables one of the most attractive characteristic of the system – the expandability. If a more storage space is required, the user can add another NAS device and expand the available storage. NAS also brings an additional level of fault tolerance to the network. One of such fault tolerant solutions is RAID. Disk arrays like RAID can be used to make sure that the NAS device does not become a point of failure.

The main processes that are served by NAS software are data reduplication, backup storage, system security, disaster recovery, automatic failover and NAS storage virtualization. The software also supports iSCSI functionality, therefore it is possible to create a SAN –NAS hybrid system. It means that you can add a functionality of iSCSI target and initiator for a NAS storage device.


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