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SAN Software

SAN Software is an important element of the whole storage area network. It consists of many solutions and applications which enable successful management of the system, Since SANs are becoming more complex and powerful, they are also more difficult to implement. An appropriate software SAN reduces these difficulties and makes implementation, configuration and management of the system a lot easier.san storage

However, since users have different needs and requirements, not all types of software SAN are universal, e.g. some of them are adjusted to certain business environments, the choice and configuration of software SAN cannot be inconsiderate. Much of the technology and SAN basic functions are ingrained in software SAN. The applications used in SAN management control and protect the data storage systems and ensure comfort of their users.

Unauthorized access to information storage systems is commonly a big problem, that is why software SAN always addresses this issue. Apart from systems which deal with data protection, file reduplication and backups and extensive disaster recovery, there is yet another For example, in an environment where technologies are not contained, Windows NT server(s) would see every available LUN and try to takeover. In many types of software there is a solution called technology containment which keeps the servers from gaining unauthorized access or accidental access to certain resources in the SAN. Software SAN can also be beneficial in another respect, especially important for company budget and outgoings.

By implementing the technique called hierarchical storage management, the data can be recognized, monitored, and classified on the basis of its importance. The files that are less frequently accessed can be moved to slower and cheaper devices, whereas those that are used all the time are stored in devices which are more costly to maintain, but allow for a very quick access.

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