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Cloud- way to go?

Cloud storage is an alternative way of data storage. It allows enterprises which have limited IT resources and lack physical space for a professional data center at their premises to use the storage resources provided by various hosts. Such IT service providers offer their storage space on various virtualized devices.

Cloud storage will therefore be a very attractive and safe solution. It allows multiple users to share storage space and to have constant access to the processed data. The client does not need to be concerned about IT infrastructure, security systems and data center management. This is all included in the price for the cloud space.

Apart from the fact that the storage facilities are not situated on-site, there is not much difference in the storage services offered by the two solutions – cloud storage and on-site data center. The client is not concerned about the number of storage servers – there may be many virtualized machines which comprise the overall storage capacity he is actually using. Cloud storage offers another attractive possibility of enlarging the storage space whenever the user requires it. There is no need to remove the data from smaller devices and to copy it to larger ones.

The management of cloud storage system is either performed by a service provider or special software for cloud storage. Cloud storage can also serve as a tool for backups. Backups on the cloud can be made on virtualized storage devices. This solution seems attractive also for the companies which have their own storage facilities like data centers. At least one backup device located in a different place increases the chances of recovering data in case of failure of the system or any device. This visibly improves system availability and performance, making cloud storage a way to protect the data ensuring business continuity and allowing effective disaster recovery.


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